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The Sceneless Ones

Just Dance

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FUCK SCENE KIDS, i'm creating my own scene. I am the defender of quality music, art and style. I support the following mixtures of youth: new wave, ravers, (old school) goths, metal kids, oi punks, crust punks, feminist punks, dance kids, ska kids, hXc kids, indie kids, techno nerd kids, grunde kids (if they haven't died yet), disco freaks, club kids (just in case), and even swing kids, but not emo kids.

i am that kid in high school who sat behind the building and smoked ciggarettes. dress against your scene fashion code.
80s pop, a perfect murder, acid bath, afi, against all authority, alien sex fiend, anal cunt, army of juan, bad acid trip, bad manners, brody dalle, cat power, catch 22, circle takes the square, club kids, coal chamber, cripple bastards, daft punk, dead can dance, dead or alive, death from above 1979, depeche mode, desmond dekker, disco, dope, dying fetus, echo and the bunnymen, eye hate god, felix da housecat, frankenstein drag queens, garbage, genetorturers, genitorturers, glam rock, gwen stefani, happy thought hall, hatebreed, highball holiday, horrorpops, iggy pop, jack off jill, jeffree star, jimi hendrix, john lennon, joy division, keoki, kittie, ladytron, lamb of god, le tigre, led zeppelin, leftover crack, london after midnight, lords of acid, lost my love?, madonna, manic street preachers, mannequin, marilyn manson, mechanical cabaret, metric, miss kittin, morningwood, mu330, murderdolls, mustard plug, neon blonde, nine inch nails, no doubt, operation ivy, peaches, planet smashers, records, robert smith, save ferris, she wants revenge, shirley manson, shock rock, siouxsie and the banshees, siouxsie sioux, sisters of mercy, ska, soft cell, soilent green, sonic youth, specimen, stacey q, system of a down, tegan and sara, the adicts, the aquabats, the birthday massacre, the blood brothers, the breeders, the buzzcocks, the cardigans, the cramps, the creatures, the cure, the dandy warhols, the devotchkas, the distillers, the dresden dolls, the kinks, the lovely feathers, the pietasters, the poptarts, the queers, the sisters of mercy, the slackers, the slits, the sounds, the specials, the white stripes, the who, tiger army, tsunami bomb, twiggy ramirez, velvet acid christ, vinyl, vnv nation, watch them die, wednesday 13, whole wheat bread, yeah yeah yeahs